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Thought-provoking. It made me look at things differently. Knowing how something failed won’t stop it happening again.


Fabric maintenance lead, Aberdeen. May 2023

Looking to avoid costly engineering failures? This easy-to-read book draws on real-world examples to provide 50 essential principles for engineers working in integrity engineering. I highly recommend this concise and informative read to anyone looking to improve their understanding of engineering best practices and reduce the risk of failure on their process plants and projects.


Freelance plant inspector Essex May 2023

A useful and easy read. You can read a particular section when required or use sections as a theme for a meeting. It is also useful to show to people in ‘non engineering’ departments (procurement as an example) to help them understand the role they have in major accident prevention.


UK Technical services director May 2023

I have completely read those 2 books :101 rules and 50 rules. These are more than guidance books with the holistic approach written from breadth of knowledge and long experience of the Author.
If you don’t act, you won’t prevent any failures. My team and I currently manage more than 10,000 km of pipelines and faced with various of failures. This book will help us understand WHY the failure happened and more importantly, how to prevent reoccurrence.

Can’t wait for another book. Do you have plan to publish a new book this year?


Indonesia May 2023

50 Rules for Preventing Engineering Failures
50 Rules for Preventing Engineering Failures

Reader reviews

The age of ignorance is over. A new book for the Integrity Engineer who wants to be at the Olympian end of the achievement spectrum. I found ‘101 Rules of Thumb’ an absolute gold mine; the Plant Inspector’s bible and Integrity Engineer’s ready reckoner


Fabric maintenance lead, Aberdeen. Sept 2022

Cliff has concisely managed to put into words concepts which, until now, have felt more like hazy suspicions about what it is to be an Integrity Engineer. A reference not only in times when I need technical back-up, but also when I need confidence boost heading into a difficult discussion.


Integrity Engineer: Pressure systems, Glasgow. Sept 2022

A well-put-together, practical and common-sense guide on a wide variety of common (and not so common) integrity issues


Freelance plant inspector, Essex. Sept 2022

Rule 96 about thinning of shop fabricated tanks was especially valuable, saving a whole lot of time and effort for my client in assessing a corroded tank without resorting to expensive FFS analyses


Freelance plant inspector, Essex. Sept 2022

A fantastic book of reminders and ‘keep it real’ prompts, thank you Cliff


QC Inspector, Australia. Sept 2022

Perfect for someone like myself who is trying to become a more knowledgeable and well-rounded Engineer


Engineer Surveyor, UK. Sept 2022

Excellent read for ALL Inspection and Integrity engineers. Although I suspect some think they are the same thing. They are not!


Aberdeen. 2022

Skilfully crafted together from shop and field experience, for the engineer who wants to reach the top in his/her field. Definitely one for the aspiring engineer desirous of the ‘Chartered Engineer’ route.


Fabric maintenance lead, Aberdeen. Sept 2022

I glowingly recommend to read ‘101 Rules of Thumb for Integrity Engineers’ for all your Integrity Assessment team.

Dr J.G

Czech Republic Sept 2022

It’s different…you’ll like it


Inetrigity Engineer, Netherlands. Sept 2022

Wilkinson Coutts provide a spectacular bridge between,'what we think we know, and what we actually need to know.'
The authors have structured the subjects (Rules) to create a road map to the correct information, to properly implement a robust asset integrity management system. Check it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


South Wales Oct 2022

I found this book so interesting I am considering upskilling my qualifications to include plant inspection


Merseyside Oct 2022

Matthews Integrity Publishing
Matthews Integrity Publishing
Matthews Integrity Publishing
Matthews Integrity Publishing
Matthews Integrity Publishing
Matthews Integrity Publishing

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