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50 Rules for Preventing Engineering Failures

We’ve called them rules, but they’re guidelines and discussions, really. They’ll give you hot insights about failure-causes, so you can improve things. Why not print this list out, and next time you see an integrity problem or failure, see which were broken? They’ll be there.


Rule 1 Failures involve multiple coincidental events
Rule 2 Facts and figures on failures
Rule 3 HOW things fail
Rule 4 WHY things fail
Rule 5 The economics of prevention
Rule 6 Equipment types
Rule 7 Failure tolerance
Rule 8 Ethics of prevention
Rule 9 Start with attitude
Rule 10 Set hard targets
Rule 11 Assessing the fleet
Rule 12 The organisation as failure-preventer?
Rule 13 A culture of failure-prevention
Rule 14 Purchasing
Rule 15 Design life
Rule 16 Design quality
Rule 17 Material choice
Rule 18 Design tolerances
Rule 19 Design for inspection
Rule 20 Improve factory acceptance tests (FAT)
Rule 21 Site handover/user-acceptance
Rule 22 First maintenance/inspection
Rule 23 Validating IOWs
Rule 24 Dealing with the unexpected
Rule 25 Don’t confuse DMs and FMs
Rule 26 Inspection WSEs
Rule 27 The inspection loop
Rule 28 Problems of inspectability
Rule 29 Statutory inspections
Rule 30 Condition assessment using PCCs
Rule 31 Plant shutdown/turnarounds
Rule 32 Non-intrusive inspections (NII)
Rule 33 Acting on inspection results
Rule 34 Modifications cause failures
Rule 35 Dangers of complacency
Rule 36 Repairs
Rule 37 In-service material substitutions
Rule 38 Long-term ‘ageing’ DMs
Rule 39 Run-repair-replace decisions
Rule 40 FFS assessment
Rule 41 Pressure/proof testing
Rule 42 Equipment rerating
Rule 43 Life extension
Rule 44 Later-life assessments: cutting off the tail
Rule 45 Changes of ownership
Rule 46 Near misses
Rule 47 When failures happen
Rule 48 Failures and cures
Rule 49 Getting the treatment done
Rule 50 Beware documentation


50 Rules for Preventing Engineering Failures
50 Rules for Preventing Engineering Failures
50 Rules for Preventing Engineering Failures

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