101 Rules of Thumb for Integrity Engineers

 Mechanical integrity problem?

Rules of thumb help you avoid technical dead-ends

Our new approach to integrity assessment

Overwhelmed by the complexity of Integrity Assessments on pressure and static equipment? Save time with this collection of simple guidelines, rules of thumb and base-case examples. We’ve combined the quickest and most usable guidelines from the world of Integrity Assessment to help you out. There are clever little rules on:
•Failures types (they’re not all the same)
•DMs, FMs and tricky IOWs
•Accepting risk (it pops up everywhere)
•Living with defects
•Avoiding ‘dead data’
•Damage tolerance
•Choosing CMLs
•Temporary repairs
•What happens when something fails?AND Much More

Rules of Thumb?

They’re everywhere. Rules of thumb are broad statements of principle. If you follow them, things turn out better. No rules are unbreakable; otherwise they’d be laws, so there’s flexibility built in. Anyone can use them.
Information is drawn from real integrity/failure cases, codes and recommended practices, taking you straight to the information that matters. Don’t get involved in detailed integrity assessments until you have checked out the 101 Rules in this book. They could save you time and money.
Look at Integrity Engineers, and you’ll find NDE technicians, plant inspectors, metallurgists, corrosion engineers, maintenance engineers, welding engineers and others. This book is for you all. Try the 101 Rules.

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Publisher: Matthews Engineering Training Ltd/Wilkinson Coutts Ltd

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