The API Exam Handbook

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We welcome your feedback on the content of the API exam handbook. With such wide-ranging subjects and code editions, errors do creep in. When we hear of errors, we are pleased to list them on this website. Here’s some points to check before you send us your feedback

QU: Should I comment on test question answers that, I think, are wrong?
ANS: Yes, please. If you think a test question answer is wrong, tell us why. Remember that exam question answers are based on the content of the BoK codes, not people’s individual views or experience, so please quote the relevant BoK code clause that supports your view.

QU: Should I tell you about my exam experiences?
ANS: Yes, please, particularly if they are different to views expressed in the API Exam Handbook or will be useful to future exam candidates. Check out the Postscript at the back of the book for previous candidates’ exam experiences.

QU: Should I tell you about anything that’s missing from the book?
ANS: Yes because it’s essential we make the API Exam Handbook as helpful as possible for candidates taking the API exams. We’re particularly interested in any subject that;
• Needs covering in more depth
• Needs additional examples covering specific BoK points
• Is over-emphasised in the book, i.e. wasn’t as useful to you in the exam as we suggested
We will add valid points to this website and amend the book at the next print run if required.

QU: What if I have suggestions about how to improve the API Exam Handbook?
ANS: We are always interested in suggested additional content for future editions of the book, however please check your suggestions meet the following criteria;
• They fall within the scope of the exam BoKs and Effectivity Lists
• They will help candidates prepare for the exam (not just add to their knowledge)
• They don’t infringe copyright e.g. suggestions on including material from other publications.